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Coaching Workshops
A series of online Workshops designed to challenge and empower
Netball NSW Coaches and Umpires by accessing the
knowledge and insight of experts in the Netball world.

• Each workshop will be 60 minutes long, including 30 minutes of Q&A
• Be delivered by Zoom, so you can learn in the comfort of your house
• There will be a maximum of 25 participants per session
• Cost $10
• Coaches will attain accreditation points for each workshop they attend
• Sign up for the workshop relevant to your experience

How to Register:
• Log into MyNetball Account
• Learning
• Online Learning
• Browse Available Courses
• (in search bar) – “Connect & Learn”
• (select) relevant Connect & Learn workshop
• (select) appropriate session
• Enroll
• Payment details
• Note: Zoom meeting details will be emailed
to participants on the day of the workshop

Future Workshops-
Netball NSW will aim to organise additional workshops where possible
• To register your interest in a workshop that is fully
subscribed click on the link below
• List preferred Workshop titles
• Include your name, MyNetball number and
email address and let us know preferred times and days

Coaching |.

2020 - Representative Coach List

Coaching |

12 Years Representative Team

Head Coach – Belinda Madden
Assist Coach –Kylie Johnson

Coaching |

13 Years Representative Team

Head Coach – Aku King
Assist Coach – Georgia Horne

Coaching |

14 Years Representative Team

Head Coach – Jenny Morrissey
Assist Coach – Joanna Williamson

Coaching |

12 Years Representative Squad

Head Coach – Michelle Smith

Coaching |

13 Years Representative Squad

Head Coach – Ann Trivas

Coaching |

14 Years Representative Squad

Head Coach – Leeanne Michaelson

Coaching |

15 Years Representative Team

Head Coach – Pipi Lomu
Assist Coach – Alison Yates

Coaching |

17 Years Representative Team

Coaches – Jenny Morrissey
Coaches – Belinda Madden

Coaching |

11 Years Development Squad

Head Coach – Mojela Baker-Khamphan
Assist Coach – Cathy Callen

Coaching |

Metro 1 Representative Team

Head Coach – Rhonda Stephenson
Manager – Fran Reynolds

Coaching |

Metro 2 Representative Team

Coach – Belinda Madden
Manager – Shane Gale