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Are you 13 – 18 years old & want to coach netball or new to coaching?  Come & learn fundamental coaching skills & complete the online Community Coaching Essentials course. This will be a combination of practical & classroom learning.

WHEN: Due to the great response, the Sunday 30th July 2023 is at capacity so no further regsitrations are being accepted. We will publish details of our next session when confirmed.

WHERE: RNA Building at Heffron Courts



Update July 2023


If you’re keen to update your current coach accreditation, please use the link below.  This way you won’t need to do the whole course again.


Netball NSW has updated their coaching requirements for State Titles coaches.  All head coaches at Junior & Senior State Titles must hold a current Intermediate level accreditation.

All Assistant Coaches at Junior & Senior state titles must hold a current Development level accreditation. If you need assistance to achieve this please email


In 2023 NNSW held 24 Development level coaching accreditation courses across the state.  RNA has ranked 2nd in NSW for the highest number of coaches to achieve their Development level accreditation.  A total of 10 coaches.  Congratulations to you all!

RNA will host more Development & Intermediate coaching courses in 2024 in collaboration with NNSW & Coaching Unlimited Australia.

A total of 21 RNA coaches have achieved their Foundation coaching accreditation in the past 12 months.  Congratulations to you all!

To complete your Foundation level accreditation, visit

TEAL COACH PROGRAM for 13 yrs to 18 yrs

This new program offers aspiring teenage coaches (13-18yrs) the opportunity to learn foundation coaching skills & gain assistance to complete the free Community Coaching Essentials Course.  Details are above but please remember that between 9am – 11am every Saturday, Teal coaches are welcome to use the computers at RNA to complete any coach accreditation with support.  Bookings can be made by contacting me via email


Congratulations to the following coaches on their appointment as 2023 RNA representative coaches:

Metro League Team 1 – Belinda Madden

Metro League Team 2 – Aku King

Metro League Team 3 – Joanna Williamson

Open State Title Team – Belinda Madden

17’s State Titles Team – Aku King

15’s State Titles Team – Julie Ring & Leeanne Michaelson

14’s State Titles Team – Gabi Donato & Donna Johansson

14’s Development Team – Rhiannon Hicks

13’s State Titles Team – Pip Lomu & Alison Yates

13’s Development Team – Georgia Horne

12’s State Titles Team – Jenny Morrissey & Pam Brown

12’s Development Team – Bella Taper & Elouise Bolton

11’s Development Team – Hannah Diffin & Ma’u Naufahu

Congratulations & thanks to RNA Net Set Go coach  – Leah Howarth for taking the coaching lead on this program for the 2nd year in a row.

I’d like to personally thank all the club coaches who helped to coach the 11’s representative development program over 6 weeks.  Your assistance is invaluable, thanks so much xx 


In 2023 RNA will again offer all clubs a subscription to We will also be sharing resources on our website so please check for updates. 


To gain coaching accreditation or to update your current accreditation visit the Netball Learning Centre at Netball Australia, here are links to relevent pages:

Yours in Netball

Rebecca Hoskins

RNA Coaching Coordinator  E]


Aku King

Head coach metro league team 2  & 17’s senior representative team 2023 

Club: The Juniors Netball Club

Coach Accreditation: Intermediate 

Coach Exp: Club level (NZ and Australia), Junior Development, Junior Reps, Metro League, Summer Series, Waratah Foundation, Sydney Netball Academy.

Coaching Philosophy: Lead with authenticity, continuously learn and grow, know your players. Coach what is in front of you!

Coach Inspiration: Wayne Bennett, Jane Woodlands-Thompson, Noelene Taurua, Anita Keelan, Phil Jackson, Steve Hansen.

SSN Team: Sunshine Coast Lightning

Fun Fact: I’m a bit of a sparkling mineral water connoisseur

Julie Ring

Head Coach 15’s representative team 2023

I have been club coaching for around 35 years (longer than many have been alive). Rep Coaching for around 15 years.

I was part of a coaching team that won state championships in 2018, a first win for our association in 20 years.  I have recently been part of a club that has grown from 8 teams to 22 teams, when I started with the club they had no A grade teams.  In 2023 we will have A1, A2, A3, 15A, 14A, 12A, 11A and 10A.  These are all home grown players who have been developed within our local community and school.

I am very proud of the club achievement it is a lot of work, and I love coaching and I think it became infectious and now my players who I coached are coaching!  So lovely to see.

Pamela Brown

12 years Representative Assistant Coach

Club: La Perouse Netball Club

Coach Accreditation: Intermediate

Coach Exp: I have over 30 years experience in most aspects of the game. Netball holds a special place in my life, it has paved a pathway for me to gain many life skills throughout the years and maintain a healthy lifestyle.   I’m also head Netball coach at Matraville Sports High.  Most importantly it has allowed me to pass on knowledge to a diverse group of players and grow old gracefully among many different age groups with a level of respect that focuses on knowledge and capabilities not your age, or your cultural background. I love the amount of learning & comradery netball offers with a level of respect for older women because it holds endless learning both on and off the court.  It that has allowed my personal growth & to age gracefully among like-minded people. 

Coaching Philosophy: I like to be involved with net set go programs at an association level to help build a safe space for Aboriginal players.

The end result is my starting point.  Coaching for player development is my priority. Working on the fundamental skills with a goal of excellence and winning philosophy. Players should be able to execute the basic skills under pressure and maintain this throughout the game, with flare to which includes technical and tactical skills for individual growth.

Coach inspiration: My main focus is player centered.  I like to do assessments at the start of the season to enable the formulation of an individual player plan to assist in player development for future pathways. 

I take responsibility for leading the technical delivery of Netballs pathway

  • strategy and driving the development of Indigenous netball talent to ensure
  • sustained success.  

SSN Team:

Fun Fact:

How many years you’ve been club coaching: 30 +

How many years you’ve been rep coaching: 5 +

Rhiannon Hicks

14yrs Development Team Head Coach

Club: South Eastern Netball Club

Coach Accreditation: Intermediate

Coach Exp: Rhiannon was a RNA rep player from the age of 11yrs -15 yrs & then onto the senior grades. She has played in the senior team as an RNA representative and state champs level & state league prior to the change over to Metro.  Has coached representative since she was 16, had a brief spell off to create some netballers of her own.

Coaching Philosophy: Focus is on skills development and game play.

SSN Team:

Fun Fact:

How many years you’ve been club coaching: 20

How many years you’ve been rep coaching: 10 +

Ma’u Naufahu

11 years Development Team Head Coach

Club: Marrickville All Stars

Coach Accreditation: Development

Coach Exp: 3 years club (netset go, 9’s, 11’s); 1-year rep (11’s dev.)

Coaching Philosophy: I believe that as a coach, I need to inspire girls to want to be the best version of themselves, to instil a strong mindset that embraces a challenge, and to encourage them to begin to develop a sense of accountability for their own level of commitment and effort put towards their development and their team. And of course have fun! (You play best when you are having fun)

Coach inspiration: My 13A’s Rep coach back in Brisbane. She trained me hard and during that season I was terrified of her because she had really high standards, pushed us really hard and I was always worried I would let the team down. That season, however, was the greatest improvement I have ever had, skill based and fitness wise, and since then I have attributed my success in all levels of my netball largely to her, her high standards, the demanding trainings, and the strong, competitive mindset she enforced upon me and my team. (Looking back, she was actually really nice; she just had really high expectations of us and no tolerance for excuses and anything less that 110% effort.)

SSN Team: Queensland Firebirds

Fun Fact: I have played netball for 10 years at various levels as of this year (started in grade 2)

How many years you’ve been club coaching: 3

How many years you’ve been rep coaching: 1