Dear Randwick Netball Community

As 2020 comes to a close, I thought I’d take this opportunity to introduce myself and give you a roundup of this year.  

2020 has been quite a year with COVID restrictions impacting our everyday lives, which makes me so proud of what Randwick Netball Association achieved at Heffron Park by putting on a great half season competition; thank you so much for all your support in making it a success.

Players & Members from our association have had much success:

  •  NSW State Under 19’s – Brooke Patterson, Mia Middleton • Emerging Talent Squad – Lilli Mooney and Leah Howarth• Giants and Swifts Academies – Ellen Spencer, Brooke Patterson, Olivia Rowntree   
  • Fran Reynolds receiving the Anne Clarke Service Award for Services to NSW Netball
  • NSW Sydney Netball Academy – Charlie Hawkins, Isabella Matis, Asha Hawkins, Ginger Oleksyn, Allegra Mcdonald, Tameeka Johnson, Yasmeen Janschek and Frederika Schneideman
  • NSW State Under 17s: Frederika Schneideman

The selection of our Representative teams is nearly done, Metro Teams and UTS Sparks Teams.

Our 11 Years Development Programme has been up and running during November and will continue throughout February – greatly assisted by our UTS Sparks girls, much to the delight of our young developing talent.

Our Junior Representative Teams trained with the Giants and Swift Girls for 3 weeks during November in preparation of Final Selection in February next year.

Work has begun on the ‘Beautification of Heffron Park’ with the installation of a tennis type fence alongside courts 1-6 to stop the balls from entering the cycling track.   The council will be up-grading the park in our off season (December -March), this will include extending the courts at each end to ensure safety of our umpires and players together with the addition of beautiful gardens installed at the Car park end of the park; making the home of Eastern Suburbs netball a much nicer place.   Furthermore, we are in discussion with the Council to install a Grandstand on Court 7 and this court we hope will be our ‘show court’ for the match of the day and provide an area for our coaching and umpiring sessions.  So, some really good things happening at Randwick that we are excited about!

Next year we will be running ‘Coach the Coach’ course for our coaches.   The UTS Sparks Coaches, all of whom are Advance, Elite or High-level coach accredited, will be running three sessions (Defence, Mid court, and Shooting) to be held in March.  This a great opportunity your club coaches to gain new skills on running training sessions, the latest training techniques and top tips, we therefore encourage all club coaches to attend.

Given the success of the training sessions with the Giants and Swifts for our Representative Teams we will be considering offering a similar opportunity for all RNA members in March next year – more details to follow. 


Summer Comp was a huge success and we will be extending this to run as an 8-week pre-season competition in 2021 (10th February until 31st March).  Clubs can use this competition to help with grading and team selection.  More information will be forwarded over the coming weeks, but we look forward to seeing you all there.  These products are also in the system already, and players can register directly by clicking here.


Now we are in the off season, the committee are working hard preparing for the season ahead and we are all very excited for 2021 season with great hope for a more normal and fun season for all.

This year we are asking clubs to complete a Club Pre-registration Form. This will ensure we have the most up to date information so we can plan for the season ahead.  Whilst we understand that you are still planning your season, and realise that this information may change, please could you complete the form as soon as possible.

The 2021 season will start with a ceremonial opening! We are proposing a march past so all Clubs will have the opportunity to show case their club before the commencement of the first game of competition which will be on April 24th.   More details to come.


We will also be continuing with our Member Protection Officer (MPO) programme to ensure that all clubs have an MPO for their club.  RNA will also have two MPO’s to assist clubs.

This is a simple two-part course; an online section which needs to be completed by your club representative and a webinar for the second part.  RNA will arrange the webinar and advise clubs of the date.   Once your MPO has completed the online course please advise our Secretary.  

Click here to access the online course.

Below are also videos for the role which are short and would be a good to view to give you an overview of the role of the Member Protection Officer.

Video 1 – An overview from an MPIO’s point of view

Video 2 – The MPIO role from a Committee member perspective 

Video 3 – A personal insight into the role from an MPIO 


We are continually updating the website calendar with events coming up, but some really important dates for 2021:

  •  Registration Day: 13 March 2021
  • Round 1: 24 April 2021
  • Council Meeting: 24 February 2021
  • To see the full calendar, click here 

2021 Registration Costs

RNA is not changing fees for 2021.  As a reminder, these are the fees.  

  • Seniors $170
  • Inters & Juniors: $155
  • NetSetGo: $135
  • Non Players $50 

MyNetball products have now been updated and will officially open on 1 January 2021.

A quick reminder that 10 year old’s playing 10’s should register as a Junior.  9 Yr’s playing 10s, should register as NetSetGo Go.  If you have any questions on products, please feel free to contact Cheryl Goulder who can assist. 


Our Representative program is looking for additional Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Team Managers. 

Coaching positions available

  1. 11s Development Coach
  2. 15s Assistant Coach
  3. 17s Assistant Coach

If you are interested, please nominate here

Team Manager positions available

 ALL Rep teams need team Managers.  To apply, please nominate here

I have great ambition for Randwick Netball Association and as new president I’d like to grow and improve our club competition and the representative program.  I intend to collaborate and work closely with Randwick Council, the Clubs the Executive committee and our partners UTS Sparks to achieve our goals over the next few years.  

I am really looking forward to 2021 season and cannot wait to see you all courtside.

On behalf of the Executive Committee we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Safe and Wonderful New Year.

Jenny Morrisey  

President  Randwick Netball Association