RNA 11’s Development Program

11 Years Develop

11’s Development Program


New program has been developed for the 2020 11 year Development Squad.

Our proposed new program is a 6 week training sessions.  

Four of these training sessions will be in 2019 and the final two selections in February 2020.

8th November;  15th November; 22nd November & 29th November;  5.30pm to 7pm. (Updated Day Change)

Date for 2020 to be advised. 

Players will be in groups of 10 and a minimum of 1 coach will be allocated to each group.

There will be a planned program for 1 hour and 30 minutes of game play.

Coaches will rank and give a short report on each players after each session.

The plan is to enhance the skills of all those involved before the final selections in February, date to be advised.

Players must attend all sessions and understand the commitment of being selected in our development squads, looking to the future of representing Randwick Netball Associations as a player.

When the squad is finalised participants will be expected to attend 3 carnivals on a Sunday, dates provided after selection and be provided with a uniform.  A small fee will be charged for Uniform.  Training will be one day a week, day to be sided when team selected.

All players and parents will be expected to abide and sign a code of conduct document after selection,

Any questions please contact me at rgstephenson@hotmail.com or randwick.reps@gmail.com

Yours in Sport

Rhonda Stephenson – RNA Coaching Coordinator